The service order is successfully running in Slavic Trinity Church. Experienced and energetic brother Nikolay Oleksyuk manages it since 1990. Currently, the service of the order has 3 work teams of ushers on duty in the amount of 40 people. Responsible for the work assigned to teams are: Team #1 Yakimyuk Vasiliy; team #2 Grigoriy Slivinskiy; team #3 Ruslan Makovey. Ushers ministry is as follows:

  1. Politely greet arriving at the service of the House of Prayer and help them in all matters arising.
  2. Find empty seats in the room.
  3. To keep order inside the building and on the street.
  4. To help correctly locate the car in the parking lot as well as control the order around the building during the service.
  5. To collect donations in the ministry.

During Sunday evening service, service order ministry increases by two brothers from among the deacons of the church. This is done with the purpose of maintaining good order, reduce the circulation of children and adolescents at the time of the service.

All brothers of the service order ministry work with diligence, understanding the responsibility before God and people for their work. May God bless them and send them His wisdom and knowledge, gentleness and humility to continue to be successful in His works.